If Linkin Park plays in the forest and no one is around to hear it, in the end, does it even matter?

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1/ Favorite K-pop Music Video: #1 - Mister (Kara)

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get to know me ▾ [1/2] favorite female soloist ▾ Lee Hyori.

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I suppose.

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Scarlett [Johansson] is just the most amazing, sweetest girl on the planet. We’ve done several, outside of the Marvel universe, we’ve done some other films together, and I always relish my time with her because she’s always so… She’s way smarter than most people think and an incredibly talented person, and she makes me laugh so much. She’s hilarious. You know, we used to spend time together at like six in the morning because we were in the same make up trailer. It was me and her, her music, her make up people and my guy, and it was the best time of the day for me. x

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You don't love me
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baby face ; do not edit/remove logo

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If you could use one word to describre the following characters, what would it be?

Holland calling out the queerbaiting like no big deal.

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The Studio | DO NOT edit

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The Studio | DO NOT edit

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